About ExpertHub

ExpertHub, a wholly owned subsidiary of Internet Brands, was founded to transform the way professionals advertise online. We believe that there is a better solution that takes full advantage of what the Internet has to offer - in terms of measuring how your dollars are being spent, creating more opportunities to connect with potential consumer clients, and improving your return on investment.

We are committed to delivering innovative and cost effective marketing tools to our lawyers and plastic surgeons, including:

  • expertPLANNER: a proposal generator providing full transparency into what you can expect from your subscription including expected lead volumes, actual case submissions, “what-if” pricing scenarios and cost-benefit analysis

  • expertSYNDICATION: content contribution program that gives submitted articles exposure throughout our network including home page and resource center, generates more leads and helps builds credibility with consumers

  • expertSTATS: reporting dashboard that provides tracking and insight into how consumers interact with you, which includes case lead volumes, directory searches, profile visits, and article views.

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